Helping international travelers stay safe, productive and savvy during trips abroad

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Culture Guide

Communicate with ease using our interactive phrasebook and instant voice translator. Make your first impression a great one with our etiquette and culture guide.

Safety & Travel Tools

Stay safe abroad with local emergency information, medical phrases and safety tools. Operate with ease using the currency converter, tip calculator and various travel tools.

Cost Savings

The built-in Wi-Fi dialer allows you to make free international calls when connected with Wi-Fi, helping travelers with measurable savings while keeping them connected.


TripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travelers. Learn essential phrases, instantly translate your voice or connect to a live translator, get a crash course on the local culture and so much more.

Voice Translator

Communicate with ease by instantly translating your voice into another language; have the response translated back into English!


Break the ice and build rapport using the phrasebook that includes formal, casual, slang and “crazy” options for over 2,000 phrases per language.

Wi-Fi Dialer

Save money on costly roaming fees with the Wi-Fi dialer. Pull in your contacts and make free international calls when connected to Wi-Fi.

Learning Tools

Audio lessons, interactive flashcards and an intelligent quiz mode make it easy to convert precious downtime into learning critical phrases.

Safety Tools

How do you dial 911 in France? How can I tell someone I have a food allergy? What is the phone number for my corporate security provider? Worry no more!

Tip Calculator

Did you know that your restaurant bill in France already includes a tip, or that “Stimmt so” is an appropriate way to tell a German to keep the change? Be generous, just not too generous.

Culture Notes

Make a positive impression, avoid faux pas and interact with style by taking advantage of our culture guide to understand basic etiquette and be aware of cultural manners.

Travel Tools

How much is ¥2000? (About $20) The French word for “hungry”? (Faim) The weather says 30°C- parka or shorts? (Shorts) Our suite of tools helps you operate smoothly, wherever you are.

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Watch our 3-minute intro video to get up to speed on how TripLingo can help you travel like a pro.

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